Efficiency: The Truth

Information regarding the salaries of top executives at several large charitable organizations has been circulating the internet for years. United Way Worldwide (headquartered in Alexandria, VA) is one of the charities included. Not only is the information outdated and inaccurate, as reported by snopes.com, but it pertains to United Way Worldwide, not your local United Way.

That’s Great Rivers United Way, and we’re an independent, locally-operated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Funds raised by Great Rivers United Way support health and human services programs in seven local counties: Buffalo, Crawford, Houston (MN), La Crosse, Monroe, Trempealeau, and Vernon. For this reason, when making decisions regarding your charitable giving, efficiency data specific to Great Rivers United Way is most applicable.

Per Charity Navigator, a leading independent charity evaluator, Great Rivers United Way is rated 91.45% overall, with an 91.00% accountability and finance rating. Our program expenses, or the percent of total expenses spent on programs and services we deliver, are 86.60%. In the nonprofit sector, that is considered quite healthy. We continue to hold Charity Navigator’s esteemed four out of four star rating (pdf).

Though it is an entirely independent organization, as clarified above, it is important to mention that Charity Navigator rates United Way Worldwide significantly higher than the false information circulating the ‘net. Equally interesting, the data provided for several of the other organizations mentioned is far different — for better or for worse! — according to Charity Navigator, as well.

Charitable giving is a personal and important decision. Great Rivers United Way wants all donors to be well-informed, and we encourage you to do your own research. The next time you see or hear false information being spread, please advocate for Great Rivers United Way — your local United Way — by sharing what you have learned on this web page, or linking directly to it.

We appreciate your support.

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Last updated 12/22/2022. Please see links for latest data.

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