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Fast Fact #1
Great Rivers United Way unites more than 200 corporate partners, 3,400+ donors, and 49 local programs, who fight for lasting change in our shared seven-county community.

Fast Fact #2 – Updated 8/29/23
In 2022, Great Rivers United Way funded services were utilized once every 39 seconds.

Fast Fact #3
Great Rivers United Way fights to increase the percentage of students reading at proficient or higher. When a child can read proficiently by third grade, they are set up for success for the rest of their school career. Since 2016, Great Rivers United Way Read to Success program has paired adult volunteers with local third graders to improve reading and comprehension skills. Read to Success most recently provided 42 volunteers who tutor 63 third graders in 11 area schools.

Fast Fact #4
Great Rivers United Way fights to stabilize household economic situations so people experience thriving lives. In 2022, 88% of individuals served by our programs increased disposable income by accessing benefits and/or reducing household costs.

Fast Fact #5
Great Rivers United Way fights for the health of our community. In partnership with other community organizations and its own Great Rivers HUB initiative, GRUW’s goal of supporting a healthy and socially-connected community is becoming a reality. In 2022, 50,719 individuals participated in programming for physical activity, nutrition, and accessing healthy food.

Fast Fact #6 – Updated 8/29/23
A single gift to Great Rivers United Way helps thousands of people. In 2022, 67,198 local people accessed United Way funded programs 808,800 times.

Fast Fact #7
A gift to Great Rivers United Way’s Community Impact Fund is the most strategic way to invest in the community. Our community’s problems are interrelated, and the diverse programs this fund supports work together to address the complex
challenges of poverty, mental health, homelessness, and more, in a way that no
single agency, donor, volunteer, or sector of the community can do alone.

Fast Fact #8
One in six youth ages six to 17 experience a mental health disorder each year in the United States.  In Wisconsin, 70,000 youth 12-17 have depression. Great Rivers United Way funded programming provided 6,156 Coulee Region youth mental health prevention, intervention, and treatment services in 2022.

Fast Fact #9
Great Rivers United Way fights for childhood success. By organizing and facilitating nurturing environments for learning, GRUW collaborates with the community to ensure every student is successful in primary school. In 2022, 5,787 school-aged youth participated in school and community-based out-of-school programs, and received individualized supports through GRUW funding.

Fast Fact #10
Many victims of child abuse also report experiencing domestic violence. In 2022, Great Rivers United Way funded programming served a total of 1,352 people experiencing domestic violence, and 1,101 children experiencing child abuse. An
additional 485 families were served in 2022, by GRUW funded programming, to prevent child abuse.

Fast Fact #11
Volunteers transform communities. In 2022, users of GRUW’s website, Ugetconnected, logged 16,350 hours of volunteer time. This is an estimated value of $490,009 given back to the Coulee Region!

Fast Fact #12
Great Rivers United Way fights for youth to gain knowledge and skills to obtain family-sustainable employment. During the 2021-22 school year, 5,751 youth received individualized support and/or participated in out-of-school time programs.

Fast Fact #13
More than 900 seniors get help every year from United Way through home delivered meals, respite care, transportation to medical appointments, and more.

Fast Fact #14
Great Rivers United Way sits at the table of some of our community’s most pressing topics to advocate for those utilizing various community services. Staff at Great Rivers United Way are involved and invested in 30+ community collaboratives, initiatives, and committees.

Fast Fact #15
Great Rivers United Way supports a healthy and socially-connected community. GRUW houses Better Together, a mental health project that seeks to help youth better understand mental wellness, and enhance coping and resiliency.

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