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For over 70 years, Great Rivers United Way has been the trusted source that unifies community leaders, organized labor, faith-based groups, corporations, nonprofit organizations and governments in the fight for proper access to health, education and financial stability for all in its seven-county region. Together, we create sweeping change that lifts entire communities.

In 2018, along with many partners, we completed the three-year process of studying the needs of the community and allocating our resources in the best way possible. We provided:

3,886 individuals with access to affordable housing and financial products/services

17,491 individuals with healthy food access, physical activity and/or nutrition programs

13,450 individuals with healthcare services and support*

1,269 individuals with access to health care insurance*

1,081 children with early childhood programming

1,049 families and caregivers with information, resources, tools and training for raising healthy, resilient children

6,459 youth with in- and out-of-school programs and individualized support

194 youth with job skills training

*Includes Great Rivers Hub

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