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For 70 years, Great Rivers United Way has been a trusted source for community change. Now more than ever, we’re leading the way in community impact, engaging our funded programs, corporate partners, and supporters like you in this shared work. Our “Vision for 2022” is a community where children are set up for success, families are financially stable, and our most vulnerable neighbors and friends have access to the care they need.

You’ve always known us as a fundraiser, but we’re so much more than that!


We fight for local, state, and national policy change that improves lives and strengthens communities.


We work with our funded programs and other community partners because together we accomplish more.


We assemble the resources necessary to tackle our community’s most pressing needs.


We get the right people to the table so solving complex issues is that much easier.


We invest more than one million dollars in critical health and human services programs every year.

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Your gift to Great Rivers United Way stays local and benefits 52 critical programs. We’re an expert on the area’s top needs, and we make sure your dollars are spent addressing them. Our United approach means your gift goes further and does more.