Meet Erica

    My name is Erica Vehrenkamp, and I am the new intern at Great Rivers United Way! I grew up in the La Crosse area but call West Salem home. I am a second year student in the Human Services program at Western Technical College. I plan to pursue my Bachelors in Social Work after I graduate with my associates at Western. My overall goal is to be a Social Worker for the elderly population in the La Crosse area. I look forward to what United Way has in store forme as their new fall intern!

    15 Questions for Erika

    1. What are you most excited about in regard to this internship? This is my first internship so I am excited for the overall experience. It will be nice to learn more about the needs in the community I grew up in.
    2. Favorite color? My favorite color is lavender or magenta, basically any kind of purple!
    3. What three adjectives best describe you? Smiley, personable, and light-hearted.
    4. Least favorite household chore? Dishes, it’s a never ending cycle.
    5. Favorite movie? I watch way too many movies to have a favorite. I love everything from Marvels the Avengers to The Notebook. I am not a fan of scary movies at night or in theaters though!
    6. Favorite memory? I don’t have a favorite memory, but I do always enjoy the times I have with friends, family, and my relationship. I love creating more memories so that I eventually have a favorite!
    7. Favorite recreational activities? Over the warm months I enjoy being on the water kayaking or exploring state parks.
    8. Genre of music? I listen to whatever is on the radio most times, whether it be pop, country, or even a little rock.
    9. Most likely to order on a menu? I like to get either some steak, a burger, or pizza (the Wisconsin favorites I’m sure).
    10. Favorite book? I do not have a favorite book, but I do enjoy the books written by Gayle Forman.
    11. Role model? I look up to the leaders and the helpers in a community. Not one specific person, but a type of person who just wants to help.
    12. Favorite place to visit? Anywhere there is family, whether that be here in Lacrosse or down in Iowa, I enjoy spending my free time visiting family and friends.
    13. Guilty pleasure? I love my fair share of chocolate, who doesn’t?
    14. Memorable moment in the internship thus far? Just how friendly everyone is and how dedicated they are to helping the community.
    15. Favorite thing about our community? I love how we have so much room for growth. We have a great population and good facilities, we just have so much more growing that we can do as a community and that is exciting!

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